SAP BW Fit Tip: Number Range Buffering

From my experience only 5 out of 100 BW administrators are using number range buffering while the growth of number range levels significantly affect the runtime. What can you do to improve this?


During the Master Data Loading, each record will go to database server and pick a new SID number. Similarly, during the Info Cube Data Loading each record will get a new DIM-ID. Since the data loads often contain a huge amount of data, the performance of data loads decreases.


You can avoid hitting the database every time by using “Buffered Numbers”. I recommend to proceed in three steps:

1. Identify the data loads which generate too many DIMIDs and SIDs.

2. Find the Number Range Objects for the SIDs and DIMIDs

3. Set the Number Range Buffering.


Very easily, regular number range buffering can improve general loading processes by 3-5%.


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