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SAP Data Integration
for Advanced Business Intelligence

Take ownership of your data – break down the silos and connect data from all your lines of business to get powerful insights that will drive your enterprise forward. Start today and get your business ready for the world of tomorrow:


A single view of data from multiple data sources


Manage all your data with a simple and inexpensive solution


Enable endless business intelligence scenarios

Data is at the core of your business, but are you really seeing the whole picture?

Data is at the core of your business, helping you to make the right decisions. But are you really seeing the whole picture? Connect data from many sources to get powerful insights and deliver intelligent services. Data is key when it comes to developing your products, better serving your customers or taking strategic decisions for your business. But data often sits in many different places across your organization, closed in silos. And while the majority of companies are now adopting cloud technologies, it makes it even more difficult for them to make informed decisions based on all the data stuck in various disparate systems
Watch our use case videos to see how easy it is to flow all of your data into a single data lake that then feeds analytics services, machine learning systems, and other tools for business intelligence:

Use Case 1
Dashboard on SAP sales data

Quick analytics on SAP data using best-of-breed approach combining critical SAP data and agile analytics tools​


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Use Case 2
Sales forecast

We use machine learning to make forecasts for yearly sales data based on SAP SD sales data


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