SAP HANA #1 Business Case: Consumer Goods Giant can now close its books in one day

While SAP HANA has become a new buzz word in the SAP world, many question whether it is really worth to invest in it. The costs are considerable, but the solution is advertised as a game-changer that will:


  • Simplify IT infrastructure
  • Accelerate Analytics
  • Optimize data access, integration, and quality management
  • Cut the time and effort for IT administration


And while we already argued that HANA will not replace Business Warehouse, it’s still considered the next big thing (especially if you are running SAP ERP). So let’s take a closer look at one of the business cases that was published on the asug news portal:


Unilever enables growth with convergence


Unilever, the world’s third largest consumer goods company announced plans to double their business by 2020. The 2020 strategy called for re-thinking their IT infrastructure, as every item they produce, ship, and sell, is processed in the SAP ERP system. To maintain their level of maturity of the production chain, Unilever resolved to implement SAP HANA in-memory platform that would allow them for rapid analysis and rapid expansion.   The new solution enabled decision-making near real-time and sped up operational work by working directly on transaction data. The implementation was a success, and SAP HANA became business critical:


“We had business users telling us they absolutely couldn’t live without SAP HANA, so that was a big testament to the value the technology was bringing,”

– Marc Béchet, Global ERP Vice-President, Unilever


With HANA Accelerators, Unilever managed to cut the time needed for closing the books by 50%, while the Indian branch can now close their books in a single day.


Of course, SAP HANA is not yet a solution suitable to all businesses, regardless of area or size. Before deciding on the migration to HANA, it is crucial to analyse your SAP landscape and see where an in-memory platform could actually prove useful.


If you are not sure if your business is HANA-ready, or if you already have this solution but need some tips on managing costs and data growth, our expert is hosting a free “Living with HANA” webinar that can help you get a better overview on running your own HANA.


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