SAP testing doesn’t have to be a headache – learn how to pass it with flying colours


Do you find SAP testing… well, testing?


You aren’t the only one. A survey conducted among SAP system users shows what are the biggest challenges they come across when testing is concerned:

While the importance of testing goes without saying, it proves to be extremely unnerving to engage all the manpower for tedious testing processes, just to avoid major problems and still be bogged down with smaller but time-consuming issues.


High costs and poor quality of data aside, the respondents also mentioned problems with maintaining appropriate documentation, data relevance, lack of standardization, and low motivation.


So how to get the best of both worlds and ensure top quality backed with painless testing? Here is where the automation comes in, simply minimize the human factor to minimize the impact on business.


Test automation reduces the time required to run repetitive tests while simultaneously it improves test accuracy. This solution can learn to generate considerably more test cases and executes, delivering solid results.  Hewlett-Packard Company (known as HP) used automated testing as an implementation accelerator for one of their SAP system projects were time was a critical factor. To put it in numbers, if they decided to do the job manually, they would manage to test approx. 25 queries. Automated testing allowed them to test 110 queries in three variations, that is a total of 320 test cases within the same time frame.


Numbers speak for themselves – if you are interested in smart SAP test automation, join the webinar hosted by our expert, Martin Zlaty:


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The webinar will go through the challenges of testing procedures and will offer you possible solutions to run smoothly and cost-effectively.

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