SAP user trends 2015

DataVard customer monitor 2015 identifies 3 main approaches for SAP user companies in 2015: consolidation – intelligent data management – automation

The basis for innovations to check existing system architecture is effectiveness and transparency. System operation design should be as efficient as a factory. In order to prepare for the coming year 3 approaches for SAP users are at hand:



Create simplicity and transparency through consolidation

Most companies have built very elaborate and variegated system landscapes. Often, multiple systems for same or similar use cases are maintained available, rendering the system landscape complex and inflexible. Efforts and costs increase and transparency suffers.

The more spread out data is, the more effort it takes to obtain a holistic overview. A single source of truth is always easier to filter than multiple systems. We recommend a simple, centralized and powerful architecture supporting maximum flexibility while keeping operating costs low. This promotes global transparency of data along the value chain thereby forming an important basis for innovation.


Intelligent Data Management

Accelerate with Intelligent Data Management

Every consolidation calls for a harmonization and standardization of data. Intelligent Data Management defines rules regarding data handling. Storage costs should remain timely adaptable to data usage, especially when migrating to SAP HANA. This solution keeps migration costs optimized while providing high quality for end-users.



Save time and money with automation

A major advantage of standardization is automation of a multitude of processes. Data Cleansing, Housekeeping and even system testing can be completely automated nowadays. Clearly time and cost savings, improved reliability and guaranteed quality are benefits of system automation.


These three aspects are timeless approaches to optimize any system. Triggered by the current trends of cloud and in-memory computing these approaches are revived and shifting back into focus.

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