Streamlining for SAP HANA: ERP system fitness

Heidelberg (Germany), September 21st, 2015 – Software and consulting company Datavard expands its Gartner-awarded analysis tool Datavard ERP Fitness Test with two new components: SAP HANA Readiness-Check and Security & Compliance. Strengths and weaknesses are quickly identified in the SAP ERP system and specific actions are recommended based on an automated in-depth analysis. Apart from a benchmark comparison with over 100 SAP systems, the fixed-price solution also offers a compliance check as well as 360 degree feedback. SAP customers are provided a clear picture of the current system usage enabling them to optimize costs and system performance, as well as increase system stability and address risks rapidly.

“Many of our customers recognize the potential of SAP HANA and have planned a mid-term switch”, Gregor Stöckler, DataVard CEO explains. “They do however want an independent assessment of their current situation, costs and risks involved, in order to make their SAP landscape fit for the future. Based on our ERP Fitness Test, conducted with the customer, we create a clear picture, recommend actions for system optimization to be fit for the journey to HANA.”

ERP Fitness Test combines automated analysis with personalized advice from our specialists. The first step involves a comprehensive system scan, which gives an overview of all the important areas: performance, data distribution and growth (including archive analysis), housekeeping, quality of data, in-house developments, licences, system security and compliance. The in-depth analysis is then enhanced through interviews with key in-house contacts, in order to ensure quality aspects such as user satisfaction, agility and perceived strengths and weaknesses. This combination is praised by the research company Gartner in its current survey and acknowledges Datavard as a leading provider of software tools to analyse SAP systems.

All customers wishing to optimize performance, stability and security and to cut costs, or who are planning a change in their system landscape, such as a migration to HANA SAP, can benefit from this solution.

“I was most impressed by Datavard’s ERP Fitness Test. The solution offers a detailed analysis of our system data, saves time and simplifies the preparation of archiving and data cleansing processes. With the help of the ERP Fitness Test, we were able to reduce our data volume by up to 20%”, Danijela Kalmeta, IT-Project manager, Croatia Airlines, explains.

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About Datavard

Datavard is an international provider of SAP solutions in the areas of analytics, data management and system operation. International businesses, including Fortune 500 companies like Allianz, BASF and Nestlé as well as SMEs, choose Datavard as a reliable and innovative partner for optimizing business intelligence analytics, data management, system management and operations, test automation, system landscape optimization (SLO) and SAP HANA implementations.

The privately held company was founded in 1998 and is one of the fastest-growing technology companies. Datavard is based in Heidelberg, Germany with subsidiaries across EMEA and the USA. Further information can be found at or on social media at Twitter, LinkedIn and our Expert Blog.


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