Reducing SAP HANA costs with system analysis and archiving

CJ Express found that the size of its new SAP in-memory database was growing too fast, adding to license costs. They knew they had to take action to control the data growth. They turned to Datavard for analysis and data footprint reduction tools that would improve the system’s performance and cut the total cost of ownership.

Datavard suggested a two-step solution for CJ Express. First, they would run a deep-dive system analysis using Datavard FitnessTest software to help them to identify which data could be easily archived. Second, they would deploy Datavard Outboard to archive those non-critical data into an external Hadoop storage.

Datavard Outboard was simple and easy to configure and we were able to execute archiving on our production systems we were able archive around 730GB to our Hadoop cluster

K. Jak, Technical Service Manager
CJ Express