Test-suite KATE impresses SAP-Community

Heidelberg (Germany), May 4th, 2015 – Complex manual SAP tests are often accompanied by high error risks. Software and consulting company Datavard has developed a new test-suite avoiding risks by automating SAP client tests. Datavard KATE boasts comprehensive support for SAP testing: analysis of user data, automation of test error and test data results as well as holistic test management. SAP user companies benefit from efficient execution and higher testing quality – saving effort and cost.

The test-suite allows testing and management in frontend and basis for SAP ERP and SAP BW landscapes. Specifically designed for SAP systems, this software contains generic test scenarios and predefined steps for dialogue testing. Other than function, integration and regression testing Datavard KATE also automates end-to-end tests. Additionally allowing the solution to address complex and non-homogenous SAP landscapes as well.

First test customers like Nestlé are already benefitting from DataVard KATE. “Feedback reveals our test-suite hit the nail on the head”, shared Datavard CEO Gregor Stoeckler. “Effort and cost is significantly reduced as automated tests generate remarkably higher coverage of reality.”

Implementing a use data analysis, the software determines how the system is actually utilized by its users and illustrates this through HeatMap. In doing so frequently used transactions, most complex data structures and unused transactions can be identified therefore optimizing test coverage. Processes to be tested and test data can automatically be stored for later tests – saving manual testing effort while increasing volume, depth and quality of tests. Automated testing also allows complex scenarios which can be repeated as often as desired without extra effort. Precision scheduling is possible and especially useful in planning tests for weekends when system landscapes are not used and tests can be performed without interruptions.

Datavard KATE is fully ABAP compatible and runs without scripts or additional hardware or software. Both project specific or continued utilization is possible. Via transport request the test-suite allows easy installation and administration in the known SAP system landscape.


About Datavard

Datavard is an international provider of SAP solutions in the areas of analytics, data management and system operation. International businesses, including Fortune 500 companies like Allianz, BASF and Nestlé as well as SMEs, choose Datavard as a reliable and innovative partner for optimizing business intelligence analytics, data management, system management and operations, test automation, system landscape optimization (SLO) and SAP HANA implementations.

The privately held company was founded in 1998 and is one of the fastest-growing technology companies. Datavard is based in Heidelberg, Germany with subsidiaries across EMEA and the USA. Further information can be found at or on social media at Twitter, LinkedIn and our Expert Blog.


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