The New Datavard: Brand and CI update

Datavard gets a new, bold logo and revamped brand colors

After 20 years on the market, rapid growth and many organizational changes, Datavard is ready for a new beginning. We have always known that our strength lies in our people, and as long as we stay united as one team, Datavard will continue to succeed. We want to drive forward as one Datavard, celebrate team spirit, and speak in one voice. Now is the right moment to re-focus on our goals and deliver a coherent message of who we are as a brand and where we are headed. We decided to mark it with a new, bold logo, revamped corporate identity, and most importantly, our brand claim that synthetizes our character: “Connected by Data. Driven by People.”

We ran many interviews and surveys among our colleagues to see how they viewed Datavard and what was important for them. We asked them about their key motivators at work, their associations with the brand, and what emotions it evokes. The three top values that came up almost all the time were friendship, ambition and creativity. This guided us while creating our core messaging and revamping our corporate branding.

Datavard’s new look was officially announced August 14th, during the company’s global team event. The first reactions were very positive and we are looking forward to rolling out the new CI in our offline and online presence.

Stay tuned and watch out for us at the coming Events.

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