Through SLO services (System Landscape Optimization) transforming data in a DB with efficiency, speed and precision.

“You may freely eat from the fruit of every tree in the garden except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die”.  (Genesis 2,16)


The first lesson I learned as an SAP consultant was: “Never touch, alter or directly change “Data” in a database –if so only when absolutely necessary”.


Of course data is created to be modified, deleted or recreated but everything must happen naturally “in the light of day”, through SAP transactions (whether standard or custom) and always under thorough  scrutiny of system checking.


If the outcome of the check is positive then new data is saved and stored in the database, ready for future queries and processing.


Otherwise, new data is rejected by the system with a prompt error message, accompanied by the relevant reason.


This extreme “rigidity” of the SAP system is also the strong point of ensuring integrity and relational consistency of large amounts of data.


On the other hand, the growing need of companies to quickly absorb increasingly frequent corporate changes (M&A, corporate sales, data and process harmonisation) requires equally rapid adjustment of our information systems (ERP, BW, …) with minimal impact on business continuity.


It is obvious that the mentioned “rigidity” of the system would requires the implementation of complex Batch Input/CATTs/LSMW sessions or ABAP ad-hoc programs for the selection of data to be created, modified or deleted, always following the system integrity “check”.


Is there an  alternative, faster, precise and more efficient approach?


Of course there is. The most viable alternative is offered by “SLO”  services – based on SAP LT software (Landscape Transformation) – that today cover the most varied scenarios of harmonization together with the data conversion and migration of any SAP system (ETC, BW, CRM, etc.)


So what distinguishes SLO service?

Access to and direct modification of “Data” in the database, by-passing any functional check !

Thereby making “forbidden fruit” no longer such for those able to capture and handle it.


Created from the requirement of having to change corporate non-legal tenders within a Database (to be replaced with newly issued currencies and new exchange rates), in over 15 years of history SLO services have matured and now include the multiple and complex migration and simplification scenarios of heterogeneous systems.


The basic concept is common to all types of SLO services and is based on the abilty to change the contents of a field (domain or data-element) 360° in a Database in all fields of all tables showing the same information.


It’s quite simple in fact if you know how to do it.


Never take lightly the edict of “forbidden fruit”: sound advice is to avoid the in-house solution route and always consult experts with SAP-LT certification and many years of experience in the field of SAP System Landscape Optimisation.

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