Three questions you need to ask about IT transparency

Running an IT department is not an easy task. Keeping up with the pace of changes, developing new releases and assuring ongoing maintenance leaves little room for other responsibilities, such as reporting, not to mention driving innovation. Add budget restraints on top of that and you might find yourself bogged down with day-to-day workload, striving to reach your current KPIs, rather than advancing your IT operations.

In her recent article for Gartner, Heather Levy touched upon the subject of IT transparency and cost optimization. She stated that in a digital business economy, IT financial transparency is the cornerstone of successful cost optimization strategy.


“Many of our clients have delayed making the necessary investments to fund digital business; the economic uncertainty further threatens their ability to make these investments,” said John Roberts, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.


Effective strategic decisions-making needs to be supported by clear data regarding IT costs and operations. And while Heather Levy listed six questions to be considered while revising transparency of your IT finances, I would like to focus on three of them that are particularly important if you are operating SAP systems:


1)     Benchmarking – regular comparison of IT business service metrics with your peers is key to understanding your IT landscape.

2)     Cost optimization is too often a one-off effort addressing a crisis situation.

3)     Performance metrics – keep an eye on the business value of your IT services


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Gartner:  Make Financial Transparency Your Cost Optimization Foundation

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