To delete or not to delete? Expert tips on managing PSA data in SAP BW

If you are about to migrate to SAP HANA, or you wish to shrink the size of your system and reduce costs, you probably should turn your attention to data management. At work, we are often asked to advise on deleting temporary data in SAP BW. Read answers to three most common questions about deleting PSA data and learn what are the challenges facing users.


1.    How long can the data in PSA be kept?


Normally PSA data can be deleted after 30 days. However, it depends on the frequency of data load and the retention of the data in the system.

Data management topic in general creates many discussions between basis people and people owning data (business). One would purge data another one would keep them as long as possible. In order to be more aggressive with the PSA retention you can store the PSA data after the deletion in the RecycleBin. With RecycleBin data are stored outside of PSA tables in compressed form (90%+ data compression). This is a combination of safety (reload of data is possible), better load performance and shrinking size of BW system. The recommended retention of 30 days could be replaced by 7 days having the data in Recycle bin for 30 days.


2.   How to ensure that the newly created PSA data are deleted automatically with the existing process chain?


With SAP standard, this would have to be done manually. There are options for specifying data deletion of PSA and ChangeLogs automatically in the complete system landscape by defining different retention times for selected Source Systems or InfoAreas. Alternatively, for selected patterns, newly created PSA and ChangeLogs can be deleted automatically based on retention rules defined for these groups.


3.    Is this PSA topic obsolete once we are on HANA?


Not at all. It is possible to move PSA data to disk space, but the data management strategy should remain similar to the one applied on the Oracle or other previously used databases. Our experience shows that even the data are set to be on disk, significant part of the PSA data is required to be stored in the HANA memory.



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