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High quality data is a key strategic resource for companies, assuring processes run smoother and operations more efficiently, and even more importantly – it helps to better understand customers and to build better relationships. It can even offer opportunities for innovation.

However, it is not enough to just collect various types of data, you also need to be able to accurately analyse and transform it into real value. But the sheer volume of data that companies need to handle creates ever increasing storage requirements and overall total cost of ownership, especially when running on state-of-the-art technologies.

When it comes to TCO reduction, archiving is the most sustainable solution. However, the overwhelming complexity, coupled with the difficulty in demonstrating the business value derived, has led to companies putting off archiving for some time now. Additionally, many companies are also having to rethink traditional archiving strategies – not just looking at the age of the data but rather the usage of the data and ultimately deciding on the best storage for the data according to its value.

Join us as we discuss with guest Forrester what is happening right now in the ERP archiving market and why proper data management can not only improve cost and business efficiency but how crucial it is for innovative insights and a future proof data strategy.

Cheryl McKinnon

Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Tara Callaghan

Product Manager, Datavard

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