What is the connection between ERP and fitness?

And why call a system analysis a FitnessTest?  Often, I hear these questions often when talking to different customers and partners about this topic.


Looking at the mere definition of fitness, the answer is quite clear:


“Fitness expresses the ability to endure stress and strain and remain resilient in daily life.”


We started by developing BW FitnessTest – an innovative tool, that delights our customers and won us the CoolVendor award with Gartner back in 2013.


Shortly after, customers began inquiring about the possibility of an ERP FitnessTest. Accepting this challenge we started by interviewing customers, partners, key users, IT leads and project managers to get the ERP pain points first hand.


The people who are  utilizing an ERP system for process administration know the importance of keeping a system fit. The possible issues appear endless: redundant and out-dated data, poor system performance, no or insufficient archiving, high cost for hardware and licenses, security risks, preparation for HANA and so on.


All these could be indicators of the need for help for an SAP ERP. So this is exactly where our ERP Fitness Test mission begins. The test starts with measuring system areas customers themselves can hardly (or only with massive expenditure) access and optimize.


During this procedure the tool observes an ERP system for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Important results of this observation are visualized with green, yellow and red dots. The more green dots the fitter the system.


Results are shown in a comprehensive and user-friendly manner enriched with expert comments, suggestions and cost optimizations. The customer receives an evaluation and specific answers to questions like:


-How fit is my system?

-What can I do to keep my system fit?

-What are my future benefits?


Central starting point for further strategic management decisions is the dashboard featuring benchmarks and priorities for the entire system landscape.


The fitter the system, the more power and possibilities are at hand. It’s a s simple as that.


Find out how fit your ERP is?

IT and fitness have more in common than it would seem. Learn more about this topic and register for our webinar.

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