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Innovative solutions that transform data into business assets for greater outcomes


Analyze and Benchmark your SAP systems and get detailed insights into user-behavior, system performance, and data utilization to design the best strategy for your business. Uncover pain points before they become a problem.


Make the best out of what you’ve got! Leverage the value of automation, balance costs by keeping data growth under control, save time, and protect your digital assets.


Align your data strategy with ever-changing business reality – all based on your specific needs. Selective migration and automated tools minimize risks and save resources. Run projects at your own pace and without additional hardware.


Leverage the power of open-source software and new technologies to bring innovation, like Internet of Things or Big Data into your business.

  • Road 2 HANA

    Are you setting off on your journey to HANA? Travel smartly – we offer the complete portfolio for SAP HANA migration, starting with cleansing your system and archiving low value data, through choosing the right migration path and arriving at smooth transfer of your hot data to this fast in-memory platform. Use our proven tools and solutions for SAP HANA migration and avoid potential costs.

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  • How fit are your systems

    How do you know if your system is running at its top performance? Don’t miss a chance for improvement – put your system to test and benchmark it against over 300 similar systems to know where you stand and troubleshoot bottlenecks.

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  • Hana & Hadoop

    Harness the lightning speed of SAP HANA and combine it with the power of Hadoop. While SAP HANA is perfect for advanced data processing, the open-source Hadoop can help you overcome cost and storage limitations. Choose our tools and expertise to achieve seamless integration and get the best results.

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  • IT Operations Intelligence

    It’s like looking over the shoulders of 5000 users. IT operations intelligence is combining insights and analysis about user behavior, data utilization and system usage. It will help you to know where you are today and take a peek into future.

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  • Shrink Your Database

    We know how to shrink your database by 30% – or more. Whether you are planning migration to SAP HANA, or experiencing exponential data build-up slowing down your ­system, our intelligent archiving and automated data cleansing solution will help you to optimize your SAP systems and save on­ ­operational costs.

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Compression rate on 120 archived BW objects

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