Datavard’s standard project methodology is based on 20+ years of experience with data transformation projects. It is applicable to all available implementation scenarios, including S/4HANA, BW/4HANA, Cloud Lift’n’Shift, Carve-out, M&A, and many more.

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Thinking about moving your SAP landscape to the Cloud or into a new database like SAP HANA? Designed for large SAP systems, the Lift'n'Shift methodology automates tedious tasks and minimizes downtime.
When transforming business critical systems, you cannot afford long downtimes. The Near Zero Downtime (NZDT) approach helps you to minimize the time needed for migrating data.
Whether you are doing a system merge, carve-out, data harmonization or you are moving to SAP HANA - make sure no data has been lost. Our automated solution will allow you to validate up to 100% of your data in just a few hours.