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Large quantities of data require a great deal of expertise: We support you in your SLO projects – M&A, Carve-Outs, Divestitures – and all other re-organizational transformation challenges. As a proven, innovative, and reliable SAP partner for 20 years and one of the four global partners in the SAP S/4HANA Data Transformation Engagement, we are your ideal partner for your transformation and other complex data migration projects in the BW and ERP environment. Our Professional Services and Software portfolio revolves around cutting operational budgets & freeing up time, helping you to run your SAP landscape with optimal efficiency. And if you want to get more out of your SAP data, we’ll help you build the data warehouse of the future.

Customers talk about successful projects

Datavard really delivered! Quite honestly the best project we have ever done with external consultants.

Jamie Marwitz, VP Information Technology, Barrette Outdoor Living, Inc.

The cutover with Datavard went amazingly well and the customer described it as a flawless execution.  The Datavard team has far exceeded our expectations. The project had ZERO data defects in production and was delivered 6 hours ahead of schedule.

Accenture, Oil & Gas Company Project

"We’re excited about this partnership as Datavard brings years of SAP and big data experience to customers on Google Cloud. Datavard’s success with large enterprise customers’ data and transformation journeys is a natural fit with Google Cloud customers looking to get more out of their SAP data while building a data warehouse and analytics strategy around BigQuery."


Datavard is a key partner for DXC and an integral part of our Intelligent Migration Framework. Our team likes the high level of engagement and the seamless working style that focuses on customer success. Our customers love the rapid results and quick time to value.

Doug Whiting, Partner Global SAP Practice, DXC

"At Axxiome, we have been successfully reselling several Datavard products to our customers, with the benefit of complementing and optimizing data transformation. In terms of implementation, I had the chance to work with very skilled Datavard consultants, committed to ensure customer success."

Marc Triginer, Solution Architect, Axxiome

"At Datavard, technical support is very direct and personal. Instead of going through different levels of support, we always had direct contact with the person responsible. We never had to wait more than 24 hours for an answer and our expectations have always been met. The cooperation was extremely satisfactory."

Dr. Ullrich Kessler, Senior IT Project Manager, Shell

"This is our first project with Datavard, and it will certainly not be the last. I have full confidence in the Datavard tools and team. They have now become an internal part of the EPI-USE finance and logistics practice and will plan to have many more projects with us."

Cheryl VanNoy, St. Louis Public Schools

"I was most impressed by Datavard’s FitnessTest. The solution offers a detailed analysis of your system data, saving us time and simplifies the preparation of archiving and data cleansing processes. With the help of the FitnessTest, we were able to reduce our data volume by up to 20%."

Danijela Kalmeta, Croatia Airlines

We were able to archive 120 of the largest BW objects with Datavard OutBoard™ and achieved a compression rate of 91% of archived data. We were impressed by the results.

Sascha Ohms, KION Group IT

Thanks to Datavard OutBoard, we are perfectly prepared for SAP HANA. The system was reduced by 25% and the query response has improved significantly. This has accelerated the flow of information for business decisions.

Radeck Ladecky, SKODA AUTO

With Fitness Test we were able to achieve considerable improvements with a minimal investment of time and, on top of that, build up knowhow for intelligent data management.

Reinhold Haibel, Allgäuer Überlandwerk

With help from Datavard, we were able to reduce a two-week downtime to 4 days; manual post processing was completely eliminated. On top of that, we saved storage space costs of €100,000.

Stefan Piehler, Teva

Datavard has helped us to lay the foundation for the use of new technologies that support our business.

Phillip Laycock, SAP BI Consultant, bam

With the help of Datavard OutBoard we were able to reduce the system size by >30% in the initial wave of archiving.

Jens Gräf

With Datavard's support, we have gained 3-4 years of time for a memory expansion, and we have been spared the purchase of another HANA box for the time.

Heiko Hafenmaier, Manager BI and Data Warehouse, Duerr

Datavard has helped us to set up a data management strategy that is tailored to our needs and to optimize BW performance by a factor of 15.

Kai Waldner

Datavard OutBoard is a highly innovative solution precisely addressing the customer's needs. Very recommendable.

Dominik Ruf

Datavard FitnessTest fulfilled our expectations completely. We especially appreciated the detailed, actionable recommendations.

Christoph Giefers, STIEBEL ELTRON

We chose Datavard because we were impressed with the ability of its Datavard Outboard and Datavard FitnessTest products to analyze SAP systems from many aspects.

K. Jak, Technical Service Manager, CJ Express

We explored multiple options, but Datavard most closely matched our functional requirements and their solution was most cost effective.

Roderik Vrijmoed – Post NL, Technical Service Manager,, PostNL

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Dow Chemical required to decommission its legacy system in order to reduce the TCO of the overall landscape. Due to Dow Chemical's legal requirements, the data within those systems need to be kept for years to decades - in some cases up to 70 years.
Armstrong Flooring
Monroe County realized that customers and vendors used the same numbers. With a migration to S/4 in the future, Monroe Country required to create new and separate number ranges to prepare for an efficient transition to S/4 Business Partners (CVI, Customer/Vendor Integration).
Monroe County
Register Now Tuesday 27th July | 11 am ET Over the years, Datavard Glue has become a trusted and well-known solution supporting customers to integrate their SAP data with the most modern platforms. However, the growing competitiveness of the modern market is now pushing customers to go beyond the “standard” data ...
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Speaker: Mattia Molteni,
Speaker: Carl Donsbach
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Watch Now High quality data is a key strategic resource for companies, assuring processes run smoother and operations more efficiently, and even more importantly - it helps to better understand customers and to build better relationships. It can even offer opportunities for innovation. However, it is not enough to just collect ...
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Speaker: Tara Callaghan,
Speaker: Cheryl McKinnon
Reducing the footprint of BW on HANA systems When running a SAP Business Warehouse, one of the first-choices for integrating SAP with Big Data is NLS (Nearline Storage). NLS is a way to move data out of the primary database and store it in a more cost efficient, but slower ...
Archiving and Decommissioning
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Datavard OutBoard
Goetz Lessmann
Goetz Lessmann
Data growth remains one of the top challenges of SAP systems administrators. Our experience in working with various SAP environments shows that even up to 40% of your system can be freed up by archiving or deleting temporary data. For the best results, follow our 5 Principles of Lean ...
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Jan Meszaros
Recent years have brought about an amazing uptick in international mergers and acquisitions, divestitures and companies going through major reorganizations or restructurings. But what often is a blessing for shareholders quickly turns into a nightmare for the SAP business applications. After all, major changes must be mirrored in the ...
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Goetz Lessmann
Goetz Lessmann
Heidelberg, May 20, 2021 - Datavard did finish the financial year 2020 very well. The software and consulting company generated total sales of 17.6 million euros and was able to grow by 4% compared to the previous year. Thanks to prudent cost management, the EBIT margin was in the ...
Life at Datavard
Heidelberg, Germany, May 14, 2021. Datavard’s product Datavard Glue™ is now available on AWS Datavard is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support SAP user companies and make their journey to the cloud a success. Now, Datavard’s in-house software for integrating SAP with Big Data platforms is available on AWS and can be purchased through AWS. Datavard Glue is ...
Data integration
Datavard Glue

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