Datavard Partners with Accenture to Help Customers Run Complex SAP Transformation Scenarios

When Datavard and Accenture started to investigate a partnership in summer 2019, we had the confidence that we were a good business match. Datavard offers quality tools and expertise for running selective SAP migrations (S/4HANA, BW/4HANA) and system transformations, while Accenture has the skilled manpower and a wide customer base around the globe.

Partnerships drive innovation and allow companies to offer top-notch services and solutions to their customer. Datavard and Accenture joined forces to deliver end-to-end, reliable support for SAP transformation projects, including lift & shift to the cloud, S/4HANA conversions in near-zero downtime, system carve-outs and harmonizations.

Accenture and Datavard are a great example of how businesses can complement each other to the benefit of the customer. Accenture is recognized by Gartner as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Service Providers, while Datavard is one of 4 partners in the Selective Data Transition to SAP S/4HANA Engagement workgroup, created by SAP to leverage the combined knowledge from several thousand successful SAP ERP migration projects and help customers migrate to SAP S/4HANA. Datavard also brings the Datavard Transformation Suite – our toolset for selective S/4HANA migrations and other system transformations, to the table. Together, we have the software, skills, and the right experts to fully cover even most challenging projects in the area of SAP transformations.

Accenture Joins Remote Training Sessions on the Datavard Transformation Suite

To onboard our partner, we planned for an onsite workshop. However, the ban on business travels made us digitize the partner training experience and turning classroom into remote training sessions, featuring videos, podcasts, presentations and reading material.

The training is designed to cover different roles at a partner (pre-sales as well as project delivery) and to enable them to practically use the Datavard Transformation Suite in different types of migrations from  greenfield  (when a new system is set up, brownfield (ECC system is converted into S/4HANA) to smart brownfield, or as we like to call it, selective transformation. Pro’s and con’s of each approach are covered together with different use cases to help our joint customers to choose the migration path working best for their business.

The training for SAP basis people is focused on how to build an empty system shell (a system with pre-set table structures and customer’s customizations, but no relevant data).

Finally, the participants learned how to migrate the whole system one-to-one (data lift & shift) and how to run a migration in near zero downtime – this is an especially beneficial service for customers who cannot afford long system downtimes. Most of the migration work is done while the system is running, whereas the downtime is minimized to just several hours.

Accenture Consultants Get Certified and Immediately Start Work on S/4HANA Migration Projects

Overall, we had 178 participants and a vast majority passed our final tests and received certifications, which is a fantastic result. Marek Maco, Datavard Consultant who co-created and conducted the training, summarizes:

“It was a demanding task, with time zone challenges and very long meetings, but we are very satisfied with the result. The training ended in mid-June, and Accenture consultants have already started working on several S/4HANA migration projects with the use of our tools and support. This is great success, and I really appreciate their effort and the ability to stay focused despite late hours calls”.

Accenture is the first partner where we certified over a hundred of offshore consultants on our Datavard Transformation Suite to help customers around the world with complex system migrations. We are already planning our next training in a couple of months, featuring selective transformation scenarios, namely divestitures and S/4HANA migrations.

Running challenging SAP projects together and delivering fantastic results

Datavard’s strategy is designed to scale together with partners and deliver successful projects across the globe. We offer the complete portfolio for SAP projects, no matter how complex, and we take care of things end-to-end. Starting with system analysis, through scoping, simulations, testing and go-live, we are happy to help our customers with different SAP scenarios (from data archiving to system transformations) and deliver tangible results.

In partnerships, we focus on the customer-centric approach. Our clients appreciate our flexibility and human touch, while our partners value our know-how and close collaboration.


About Datavard Transformation Suite

The Datavard Transformation Suite enables the deployment of scenarios such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), system separations (carve-out), merging SAP systems, harmonizing master and transaction data, or changing the SAP organizational structure. It allows companies to move to S/4HANA in the most flexible way possible and in near zero downtime.

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