Routine testing and significant project go-lives

All SAP customers face routine testing needs.  These range from smaller daily items to ‘big’ disruptive events. Along that continuum, the business involvement to validate the outcome varies as well. At one end of the spectrum, there are the daily testing events related to spot fixes or SAP notes. The other end is the new release or a transformation initiative that requires full regression tests.

Validating that outcome is the essential requirement with any change.  Datavard has an approach that will help automate your routine testing needs and the significant project go-lives. Datavard Validate will help ensure 100% of your data is tested with a repeatable methodology. Additionally, it will reduce the demand for both IT staff and Business Partners.

Testing automation – how it is done

Datavard Validate takes a programmatic approach to drive towards predictable outcomes. The solution takes a multiple-step approach. Firstly, a test case is identified. The test case has a ‘before’ image captured the data. The change or event occurs within, between, or across systems. An ‘after’ image is generated for the same test case. Finally, the before and after data images are compared and analyzed.

As one can imagine, the use cases are wide-ranging. Regression tests, stress tests, S4/HANA activation testing, data changes, and other scenarios can be automated, scheduled, documented, and compared efficiently.


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