How to customize Business Partner screens and fields on SAP S/4HANA

Due to the integration of Customer and Vendor SAP objects into one main object called Business Partner on S/4HANA, business partner is becoming unconditionally one of the most important objects across SAP. Each project, either green field (new implementation) or brownfield (upgrade of existing systems to S/4HANA), related S/4HANA implementation will definitely contain phase where business partners are customized for business purposes.

In this blog, I will explain how to customize Business Partners with focus on hiding only single field from the screen. As you might know, hiding fields and creating your own tabs for customers and vendors on SAP S/4HANA is now different than the old ECC. Visual Configuration Tool (VCT) – transaction “BUCO”  feature for doing screen change that was originally designed for business partners on ECC, will be used on SAP S/4HANA as the main tool for doing screen adjustments also for customers and vendors, due to the already mentioned merge into one object.

I must admit that in some ways using VCT for customers and vendors is much more comfortable than before. However, in many cases, especially when I wanted to remove single fields from the screen, I was struggling a lot. This is because you can easily remove only complete sections or as SAP calls it “Views”, but not a single field from the section. Therefore, I prepared thorough guide – step-by-step list on how to hide single field out of the screen section, which worked for me.

Description of the issue:

It is required to hide the “Pmt meth. Supplement” field. But, this field belongs to a section containing other fields which need to be kept and therefore the whole section cannot be removed.

Field which needs to be hidden
As you can see, the field belongs to a section containing other fields, therefore it is not possible to remove whole section
Business partner object customizing scheme


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