Yes, we need cloud, but how to connect it with SAP?

Many companies today extend their infrastructure to the Cloud. Why? Cloud offers flexibility – whether you need to stretch it out a bit to accommodate more data, or scale it down, you can do it with one click. It is also less expensive than on-premise infrastructure and doesn’t call for much maintenance. It is great for back-ups and disaster recovery. But most importantly, it offers fast deployment and fast development without up-front costs.

So where is the catch? New applications need to be able to seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Let’s imagine you’re a company running traditional on-premise SAP systems. How can you leverage the benefits of Cloud services when the core of your business data is stored in SAP database? You need a solution to easily connect the two worlds – here’s where Datavard Glue comes in.

Datavard Glue is a lightweight software component (ABAP based) installed and configured directly in your SAP system. With Datavard Glue, SAP integration with the Cloud (in fact any Cloud, be it Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform) is smooth and easy.

How to extract SAP data to the cloud in three steps

1. You select what data you want to process – create the table structure and choose where you want to store it

2. You define the extraction logic – what will be the data source, whether and how it’s going to be transformed during the extraction

3. You run the extraction and voilà

Of course, the connection setup takes a little time, but once it’s done, data extraction is that easy.

Datavard Glue supports various delta mechanisms to make sure that data you push to Cloud stay current.

It provides multiple options to filter, transform or enrich the data via business functions, routines or currency conversion to make sure you get the data in the Cloud exactly as you want to.

But the most important benefit of Datavard Glue is the simplicity. You don’t need to install another infrastructure component or maintain complex setup of supplementary services.

Install, configure, go. Innovation without disruption.