Google’s announcement opens another door

Recently, Google announced a new Cloud Acceleration Program for SAP customers. With the 3rd major player in the game, the market for cloud deployment within the SAP landscape gets more competitive. For companies who are looking into cloud solutions, this means more options and additional benefits. Whichever platform you choose – Google, Azure or Amazon – you can tap into predictive analysis, fraud analysis, machine learning scenarios, etc.…

Storing data in the cloud is the first step

Artificial intelligence and machine learning sound exciting, but there are also more down-to-earth reasons to get the cloud, such as data archiving and scaling of HANA systems. This will bring you immediate savings that you will be able to invest into other technologies. With a two-year residence period, large amount of Finance, Sales or Billing documents can be archived, and in turn reduce your TCO. How to do it from the technical side? One option is Outboard DataTiering – a solution for archiving/offloading data in ERP and BW systems. It leverages a component called Storage Management, which makes connection between SAP and a cloud platform possible.

What about the existing archive?

  • “What if I like the option of big data lake and would like to deploy it within the SAP landscape BUT I already have a different archiving solution in ECC systems like OpenText or Documentum?”

Datavard offers an archive migration toolset and consulting services which help you to migrate both archived files and document attachments stored in your current archive server to the desired cloud storage. Features like automated generation of migration variants and mass parallelization can significantly accelerate whole migration project.

Sounds interesting? Here you can find more information on how the Google Cloud Platform impacts SAP customers.