Big Data scenarios with SAP

Big Data scenarios are getting more and more interesting for many companies. Scenarios and use cases include Business Intelligence, AI/ML, Predictive Analytics, Churn Reduction, Predictive Maintenance, Fraud Detection, Clickstream Integration, etc. However, data is still generated and stored in silos – especially when it comes to SAP. Breaking down these silos to implement data integration is becoming a top priority. Datavard GlueTM helps to achieve true integration between SAP and Big Data platforms both in the cloud and on-premise.

Datavard Glue is your swiss knife to deploy SAP Data on your platform of choice, enabling integrated Analytics & Data Science.


Datavard Glue opens SAP for data scientists and Big Data for SAP-professionals

Breaking up data silos

Use of SAP business applications as data sources for data lakes.

Business Process Library

helps Data Scientists identify relevant SAP data, work with SAP data, and de-SAPify* SAP data with contextualization and friendly fields.

Change Data Capture and delta extraction

including near-real-time data feed to Big Data platforms

Utilize SAP Best Practices

for security, software logistics and change management

Implement software logistics

and bring big data integration to SAP production using SAP software logistics (TMS)

Datavard Glue™ and SAP

Datavard Glue and SAP work seamlessly together. GlueTM is an ABAP- based solution with native SAP integration which comes turbo- charged with useful content to help accelerate extraction, i.e. the Business Process Library (BPL). With Glue, you can utilize SAP Best Practices (e.g. SAP authorizations and software logistics) to implement integration scenarios in record time!

Datavard Glue™, MS Azure, GCP and Cloudera Hadoop

Datavard GlueTM, together with cloud solutions such as Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Cloudera Hadoop provide a strong technology platform for big data. While not limited to these technologies, they form the foundation of Datavard’s reference architecture for the integration of SAP data with modern and intelligent use cases. With its flexible and modular Storage Management component, Datavard GlueTM supports connections to 20+ databases and technologies, no matter whether they are deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

Datavard Glue™ and 30+ Databases

Datavard Glue supports connections to 30+ databases and technologies: all major cloud vendors like MS Azure, Google GCP and Amazon AWS for both database applications or storage options. Including data extraction from platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce. It works with on-premise data platforms build on distributed Hadoop like technology, standard RDBMS databases or local filesystems.

Download our quick overview about Glue and how it can help you integrate SAP Data with Big Data, enable Machine Learning and AI, bulit Data Lakes and much more.

Our solution is certified by Cloudera, one of the leading providers of Apache Hadoop technology.

We are technology partners for Microsoft and Google with Datavard GlueTM.

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