Validation – a must, but complex and costly

The validation of data is an extremely important but often neglected step in the process of reorganizing SAP system landscapes. Extensive testing enables top quality releases and satisfied users. In addition, expensive bugs, unplanned downtimes or production downtimes can be avoided. In a recent survey, 83 percent of respondents said they had too few resources for testing and validation. They also complained that validation is complex and time-consuming and often delays the go-live of a project. The solution? Automated Test Validation.

A paradigm shift with Datavard Validate

With Datavard Validate, the entire process works the way it should – IT automatically validates data across the entire system and provides a consolidated view of results and potential issues to the business unit. With complete and reliable results, a go-no-go decision can be made. In this way, responsibility remains with IT (where it should be) and IT can prove the migration / change is complete and correct.

Reduce the workload and ensure data is reliable.

SAP HANA brings many significant changes for SAP systems. Migration to HANA, structural changes through HANA functions, migration to the cloud, transformation to SAP S/4HANA are just a few of them. Every change must be tested to ensure the correctness of the data. To validate the data quality, a comparison of the before and after image of the millions of data records must be made. It is actually a simple exercise, but due to the amount of data it is manually a lengthy and time-consuming exercise. And project managers have a hard time finding volunteers for it. Typically, you have two options:

  1. Data and performance validation is done manually by IT
    Because there are major constraints on what can be done in the given time and budget, only random checks are performed – less than 1% of the total scope is validated. This bears a high risk. Often errors creep into the production system which are very difficult to solve later.
  2. Data validation is carried out by the user department.
    However, some aspects of a HANA migration are purely technical and have no real “value” for the business department. Therefore the test budgets are limited.

Test automation vs. data validation

Why you need another test automation tool

Traditional test automation covers the area of functional testing: User steps are recorded as test scripts and can be automatically re-executed with different parameters and conditions.

The question Datavard Validate answers is data validation in addition to the proven method of functional testing – “Is the data correct? This requires a completely different approach to testing and test automation, as conventional methods do not answer this question. The good news is that Datavard Validate can be used to automate the data validation process very efficiently.

95% of customers who have tried Datavard Validate would never want to test manually again!

Supported scenarios

  • Transformation to SAP S/4HANA
  • Migration to HANA and BW/4HANA
  • Release change
  • Migration to the Cloud
  • Unicode upgrade
  • Structural changes during migration, both technically and from the point of view of business units (for example, merging company codes)

Key Features

  • Automated data validation in SAP systems (also cross-system and comparison to non-SAP systems, e.g. when migrating data from legacy systems)
  • Before/after data validation with storage of the results
  • Source/target system validation with storage of the results
  • Automated test creation and documentation
  • Integrated test case management
  • Integration with HP Quality Center

Key Benefits

  • Securing data quality in migration projects
  • Reduction of the data validation effort
  • Relief of the technical testers and thus more time for functional testing

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