First China, then Italy and now the whole world. Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts the whole of humanity and has an increasing influence on the economy and public life. 

At Datavard, we are aware of the responsibility we have as an employer towards our employees, but also as a partner to our national and international customers. Special times call for special measures – measures that have one goal: protecting the health of our employees, customers, partners and all those close to them. At the same time, we have taken action to ensure that our operations continue without interruption. At Datavard, we have over 20 years of experience in virtual collaboration and we can ensure the smooth continuation of projects and trainings for our customers and partners, meeting the set deadlines. This is a relatively easy shift for us at Datavard, as we have already been using the technologies for it and we have all the necessary infrastructure in place: 

  1. All employees use relevant collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Atlassian, Confluence, Jira or Zoom. 
  2. All key systems are operated either in the cloud or in our own data center in Bratislava. Even in the event of a curfew, we can maintain 24/7 operations. Relevant employees have special access privileges and trainings. 
  3. Our remote consulting and support will connect to your systems as usual through SAP OSS; without restrictions. 
  4. Last week we held the first training in a virtual format for 45 participants. 
  5. Our customer events in Zurich and Hamburg have been transformed into a virtual format with great success – we currently have more than 100 participants. 

We are incredibly proud that we have managed to smoothly continue our operations, especially in times like these. 

Of course, we will miss personal contact with our customers, partners and teams in the coming months.  Meetings and coffee breaks with colleagues are always more enjoyable in person than through a computer screen. Nevertheless, we all want to play our part in quickly containing the coronavirus and returning back to normality. 

We also see the current crisis as an opportunity – for new solutions, new ways of cooperation and new dimensions of partnerships and last but not least as a trigger for many to push ahead with digitization. We will be at your side, whether personally or virtually, and we will continue to support you in all your current and upcoming projects. 

Stay healthy, 

Gregor Stöckler 




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