Heidelberg, 11 March 2021. With OutBoard™, the Heidelberg-based SAP software and consulting company Datavard offers an efficient solution for the analysis and automated housekeeping of all SAP data. This enables SAP customers to reduce the size of their databases by up to 50 percent, slow down future data growth, improve system performance and enable intelligent analysis with historical data – these points are particularly important with regards to an SAP S/4HANA migration. On 17 March, Datavard’s virtual event will be all about ERP archiving.

Data has become a key strategic resource for businesses today. However, the sheer volume of data that companies need to process leads to ever-increasing storage requirements and rising total cost of ownership – especially when the data is running on cutting-edge technologies like SAP HANA. However, a look into the data troves of SAP customers shows that more than 80% of SAP systems are filled with data that is no longer in use. “SAP systems quickly become cluttered with that is rarely needed or data that only needs to be stored for legal reasons,” explains Tara Callaghan, Product Manager at Datavard. “This data needs to be identified and archived or deleted. Especially in the preparation of an S/4HANA migration. For this, Datavard offers a fast and cost-effective option with the OutBoard™ Suite.”

Drive cloud and S/4HANA strategy risk-free

Large SAP databases can become an obstacle in SAP S/4HANA migrations. OutBoard™ reduces these by up to 50 % in the run-up to such a move. Datavard also offers users flexible storage management – all data can be stored in a compliant manner in the company’s own storage or, for example, cloud solutions of all hyperscalers (Microsoft, Google, AWS). This storage can even be switched easily when changing hosts.

But OutBoard™ does not only support archiving. If the data is no longer needed or if it is legally required to destroy data, the solution offers straightforward capabilities for retention management and legal hold. This way, users can be sure that they are prepared for audits, GDPR, HIPAA or GBLA.

Datavard OutBoard™ not only accelerates the archiving process and supports S/4HANA and cloud strategies, but also ensures that users can continue to leverage the value of historical data. Even when data is archived in the cloud, the solution enables users to access it via their standard SAP transactions and making archived data transparent and available for intelligent insights as well. “With OutBoard™, users can be sure that they have the best solution for their business in terms of cost, functionality and future architecture,” summarizes Tara Callaghan.

Solution for all SAP systems

Datavard OutBoard™ is a holistic archiving solution that automatically moves data between your SAP database and an external storage of your choice based on an analysis of archiving potential. It ensures that users can access all important historical data – regardless of where it is stored – controlling access via SAP. The OutBoard™ Suite with its KPMG-certified is the only solution on the market that covers archiving for all SAP systems – from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, SAP BW, BW/4HANA, SAP CRM and HANA native. It supports all SAP standard interfaces and has components that cover everything from analysis and archiving automation to decommissioning systems for your entire SAP landscape.

Accurate data management creates many benefits for companies – costs decrease, data quality is improved, and data growth is slowed. OutBoard™ helps to identify the archiving potential of a system. “With the information gained, users can set up their archiving automatically in the future and avoid tedious, manual work,” adds Tara Callaghan.

Datalicious event provides deeper insights

Further information on the topic will be offered by Datavard during the upcoming edition of the virtual Datalicious Tour. On 17 March, CEO Gregor Stöckler will give a deep insight into SAP ERP archiving. He will be supported by Roman Broich, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, who will present the possibilities of cloud archiving with Datavard and Microsoft Azure. The entire agenda of the event and the possibility to register can be found here: Visit event page

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