Success Stories & Case Studies

Find out about other companies from your industry that have successfully completed projects with us. Here you can find our latest success stories and case studies covering various SAP business scenarios.

Monroe County realized that customers and vendors used the same numbers. With a migration to S/4 in the future, Monroe Country required to create new and separate number ranges to prepare for an efficient transition to S/4 Business Partners (CVI, Customer/Vendor Integration).
Monroe County
When Kellogg's needed to carve out their Latin American businesses from their global SAP ERP system, Datavard was able to combine all required transformations into one short business downtime. Download the full case study here:
In order to complete the divestiture, Murphy Oil carved-out two company codes from their SAP landscape. The ECC instance included IS-OIL and embedded GRC. Read now how Murphy Oil managed go live two month ahead of schedule and with NZDT. 
Charles Machine Works was part of an acquisition and required assistance to harmonize SAP systems with the buying party. The processed called for business transformation within the companies SAP ECC systems. Download the full case study below:
Charles Machine Works
Saint Louis, Missouri school district desired to restructure their ERP system, as structures and customizing of the system was not fulfilling their needs. Download full case study below:
Saint Louis Public Schools
How Datavard could reduce database size by 25 percent Springer Science+Business Media, a leading global scientific, technical and medical publisher, has reduced the database size of its global SAP® NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP® BW) by 750 GB using Datavard OutBoard™ for Housekeeping. The long data loading times had adversely affected ...
Springer Science+Business Media
Fitness combination: NLS plus automated housekeeping Rollouts and the development of new applications had led to an increase in system growth at the KION group AG. The BW land scape of the leading forklift truck manufacturer had grown to 11TB. In order to reduce system size to improve performance and ...
Stuttgart Airport optimizes data management Up­to­date analyses are an important control mechanism for Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH (FSG). Due to increasing demands, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) which has been in use since 2003, and growing continuously. Performance problems with the query times were the conse quences. In the con text ...
Flughafen Stuttgart GmbH