How Heidelberg Cement saves 62% of the running housekeeping costs

HeidelbergCement is one of the world’s largest building material suppliers operating at 2,300 locations in 40 countries.

Their Business Warehouse (BW) of 2,700 users and 12 TB volume is a complex system with multiple data flows and reporting applications. To relieve the BW team and slow down the system growth, HeidelbergCement implemented Datavard OutBoard™ Housekeeping. The solution helped centralize and automate data cleansing as well as enable system-wide governance. At the same time, 62% of the running housekeeping costs and 24% of the house keeping initial costs were saved; the BW team saved 6 working hours per week.

Our complex system environment, a number of simul-taneously running projects and scarce resources compli-cated regular data cleansing immensely. With Datavard OutBoard™ Housekeeping we have managed to cen-tralize and automate housekeeping

Dominic Ruf