Six-week project reveals housekeeping potential

The DÜRR Group is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of mechanical and systems engineering.

Dürr’s SAP business warehouse was slowly reaching its 1 TB limit. Due to the high capacity utilization, performance problems with queries became more and more frequent and the patience of the users was put to a hard test. As a result, an expensive memory expansion for the SAP HANA 7.5 database used by the SAP BW system seemed like the only solution.

However, after a deep-dive system analysis Datavard consultants revealed a substantial cleansing potential. The amount of data that could be deleted came to a whopping 300 GB, or almost a third of the entire SAP HANA database

“Thanks to Datavard’s support, we have been able to gain 3-4 years memory capacity and have been spared the purchase of an additional HANA box. So, the project has paid off for us many times over.” – Heiko Hafenmaier, BI and Data Warehouse Manager at DÜRR