Fitness combination: NLS plus automated housekeeping

Rollouts and the development of new applications had led to an increase in system growth at the KION group AG. The BW land scape of the leading forklift truck manufacturer had grown to 11TB. In order to reduce system size to improve performance and reduce further growth, the internal IT services provider KION Information Management Services (KIM) implemented the NLS solution Datavard OutBoard™ Analytics and the housekeeping solution Datavard OutBoard™ Housekeeping. The project was successful; 3.3TB of data dead freight was removed. And what was most exceptional about this was that the end-users’ data was not affected throughout the entire project. On top of that, uploading processes and increased performance were up by 25% on average.

With the help of OutBoard™ Analytics and OutBoard™ Housekeeping we were able to reduce the system size by 30% in the initial wave of archiving.

Jens Graef