Shell and Datavard succeeded in the direct migration between two NLS solutions

Energy provider Shell runs one of the biggest BW systems in the world, used for storing and reporting on commercial and financial data. Because some data must be kept for 10 years and longer for legal reasons, Shell witnessed an exponential data growth.

The challenges posed by the data growth were well managed by the organization. A system scan ran by Datavard showed that Shell had successfully archived an estimated 270 TB of data, proving to be best in class when it comes to data management. And on top of that, Shell’s efficient archiving strategy reduced their costs of running their system on SAP HANA.

But as the provider of the archiving system announced that their software would be discontinued, Shell was confronted with another challenge: moving the archived data into a new storage system – without reloading data back into the BW sys-tem. This was a very demanding task, but Shell in collaboration with Datavard were able to master it successfully.