Full speed ahead to SAP HANA with Datavard OutBoard™ for Analytics

ŠKODA AUTO a.s., the Czech car manufacturer, plans to introduce SAP HANA, In-memory solution, medium term. To ensure that they are perfectly prepared system wise, IT has already introduced a nearline storage solution (NLS), Datavard OutBoard™ for Analytics. The project goal was to sustainably minimize the system size and cut costs. NLS filters data according to age and operational relevance and thus enables an ongoing monitoring of data growth and expenditure. At a compression rate of 87%, 1.5 TB of data was cut during the project. A further advantage: the query performance was improved by 20%.

We were really won over by the functionalities and the fact that this solution is completely programmed in ABAP, meaning it could be directly integrated into our system. Rapid implementation, the price, and last but not least, onsite support also played a part.

Radek Ledecký