How Datavard could reduce database size by 25 percent

Springer Science+Business Media, a leading global scientific, technical and medical publisher, has reduced the database size of its global SAP® NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP® BW) by 750 GB using Datavard OutBoard™ for Housekeeping. The long data loading times had adversely affected day-to-day business op erations. Also a planned migration to SAP® HANA made it necessary to reduce the size of the database. With the Datavard tool, Springer was able to reduce the effort for data cleans ing of SAP® BW, save 25 percent of the system size, and thus improve service to customers, authors and employees.

We are impressed with how quickly we got effective results through the use of OutBoard™ Housekeeping.

Matthias Kicherer
Springer Science+Business Media