Datavard FitnessTest™ determined: 85% of data redundant.

An evolved system landscape with a vast array of internal programs posed great challenges for the IT department of Stiegelmeyer, manufacturers of beds for hospitals, care homes and home care. Performance problems and numerous duplicated data within the master data file had hampered optimal usage of the system. The Datavard FitnessTest™ scanning system provided clarity on the issue by revealing weaknesses in its data operation that led to recommendations for the IT department to make improvements. For instance, 700 internal programs were found to be unused and could therefore be decommissioned. Data archiving reflected a similar inefficiency in optimizing system usage, with 85 percent of the database being superfluous and requiring archiving.

We were aware that we had much potential for optimization, but were un­aware as to where precisely. It was rather surprising that we could achieve so much with such a small expenditure.

Sebastian Frensemeier
Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG