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Fast-growing SAP systems create more and more data and documents, which need to be stored compliantly and cost-effectively in flexible archives. Additionally, today’s digitization trends require an effective option to capture documents quickly and link them to the respective details in your SAP tables and data structures. Our webinar will address these needs to manage documents with a fast, accurate, and consistent process. Learn how appropriate software solutions support your needs to integrate such document processing and retain your documents in a lean and compliant archive.

In this expert session, Klaus looks at:

  • Document capture – compliant storage
  • How to achieve a lean and flexible archive infrastructure
  • Effective document processing

Meet the Speaker

Dr. Klaus Zimmer, Solution Architect, Datavard AG

As a Solution Architect at Datavard, Dr. Klaus Zimmer is specialized in Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) in SAP environments, data and document archiving, compliant storage, GDPR topics and audit readiness. Klaus has more than 25 years of experience in the SAP ILM environment and has previously worked in presales and partner management teams at global vendors for SAP add-on solutions.

Dr. Klaus Zimmer

Solution Architect, Datavard

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